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The first step to turn your idea into a bead, charm or pendant is to provide us with detailed information of what you would like to create. This may be achieved verbally by calling us or preferably by sending a diagram of your design.

You may use the estimate request form to submit your image and all details regarding your design or you could send the information via email. Our designers could assist you if you are having difficulty to draw a diagram or finalizing your design.

The factory produces a wide variety of jewelry components, figurines, hardware and more with sizes ranging from 2/16” (4mm) diameter up to 6 inches (153mm). We will assist you with your design that will meet the requirements of our casting process. Please view our portfolio to get an idea of items we have manufactured and contact us with your design idea to get a personalized estimate and consultation.

Our minimum production order requirement is $500. This is based on an antique pewter-silver tone or brass tone finish. Thus as an example, if the unit price is estimated to be 50c, the minimum order will be 1,000 pieces.

Once your request is received and all questions about your design are clarified, estimated costs will be provided. This will include the setup fees for the model work and mold plus the estimated unit or per piece price.

The average cost for a metal prototype or model is about $300. This cost could be more for larger and intricate designs or much less for a simple jewelry tag. Average unit costs for charms are around .50c—60c. Small tag charms are as low as .30c while larger items are considerably more, again depending on size and detail of the design.

We will create a metal prototype or model of your customized design. Our talented model makers have many years of experience creating models with the correct proportions and requirements to assist in the casting of quality components. The model usually takes around 10—12 days to complete. At this stage samples arising from the model will be produced and sent to you for approval. Upon approval rubber molds used in the process of production will be made and production will commence.  A commitment to a production order is required prior to constructing a model.

We use centrifugal casting process which requires a round vulcanized rubber mold of 9 or 12 inches. See the images below of a standard mold and a mold with cast components. Centrifugal casting is very different from lost wax casting as is often used in precious metal casting.

Your personalized bead, charm or components will be cast using quality lead safe metal. After the items have been cast they will be tumbled. This has the affect of smoothing out rough edges that may have resulted from the manufacturing process.

We use quality lead and cadmium safe pewter in our production. Our metal is in full compliance with the Federal Safety guidelines for jewelry components.

Our standard finish is called antique pewter. Black lacquer (antiquing) is added to emphasize design and fill engraved crevices such as characters. We offer many other plated finishes like gold, sterling silver, copper, brass, gunmetal and more.

Items are electroplated in barrels or rack plating is an option for items that cannot be barrel plated.

If your design calls for color we offer hand epoxy enameling or items could be enamel spray painted depending on the design requirements. See images below of the three types of enameling we offer. Epoxy color is more detailed whereas spray painted enameling will cover the entire component in paint. A third option is to use a sticker which will be attached to your charm and then covered with transparent epoxy resin to provide protection. This is a good option for very detailed designs or where multiple colors are desired and epoxy coloring is not a viable option.

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